Best Life features Sleep Crown: 20 Better Sleep Essentials That'll Have You Waking Up Well-Reste

We are so excited to be featured on! See what they had to say about Sleep Crown below and click this link to view the full article here. Thank you so much Best Life for the love 💜! 20 Better Sleep Essentials That'll Have You Waking Up Well-Rested Every Morning SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE. Whether you're a natural night owl or a genuine morning person, virtually everyone finds themselves staring at the clock, struggling to get enough quality sleep at one point or another. And while getting enough exercise, skipping those late-afternoon Red Eyes, and turning off the TV before bed can help, many people still find themselves struggling to get to sleep—and stay asleep—all n

The Best Pillows for 5 Common Sleep Issues (and Napping in Noisy Places)

We are so excited to be featured on! We included the full article, and a link to view it on their site down below. Thank you so much PureWow for the love! "Hey, sleepyhead: Take a pause from your web search of CBD gummies, magnesium supplements, Valerian tea and Ambien side effects and think of your sad old pillow. There's a whole body of sleep science devoted to choosing the right pillow, plus there are recent design and tech updates you need to know about—including a face pillow that blocks light and sound, perfect for anyone who shares a bedroom with Netflix binge-watcher. Read on for five common concerns and their fluffy, head-cradling solutions. BUMMED OUT BY NOISE? TRY A FA

Sleep Crown featured in Buzzfeed (again): "Products For Self-Care During The Holiday Season!&qu

We are beyond excited to be featured (again) in a Buzzfeed article. Thank you so much Buzzfeed for the love! Below is the article or click this link to go to Buzzfeed's website here: Products For Self-Care During The Holiday Season! Did you know seasonal depression is very real? People get the winter blues for various reasons and that's why it is more important than ever to get a head start on taking care of yourself. These products will help you practice a little more self-care during the holiday season. Your health and happiness and should always come first! Originally Posted on October 25, 2019, at 11:37 a.m. vintagequeen / Community Contributor This post has not been vetted or endorsed b

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