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Additional Noble Body Pillow Cases

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Sleep Crown Noble Body Pillow Cases

Product Info: Custom-made Pillow Case that matches the shape of the Noble Body Pillow highlighting its smart design and allowing plenty of space to breathe easily. The feel of the bamboo jersey fabric is luxuriously soft. Every Noble Body Pillow comes with either one white or one charcoal Noble Body Pillow Case. If you desire an extra case for your Noble Body Pillow for ease of laundering, you may order an additional one.

Materials: Super-soft Bamboo Jersey Knit

Care Instructions: Remove the Noble Body Pillow Case. Machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Dry on the delicate cycle or hang to dry.
Free US shipping for all Noble Body Pillows Cases. Your order will ship the next business day from Austin, TX. Shipping takes 5-7 days.

Extreme caution is necessary!
Proper placement of the Sleep Crown product is of highest importance, as with anything you place over your face or head. Ensure that user's breathing passages are unobstructed. Product may not be placed over breathing passages. Sleep Crown should not be used in combination with alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs. Recommended for persons 12 & over. Please never put this product over a baby, child or pet.

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