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Extra Traveler Carrying Pouch in Charcoal

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Product Details

Just the Pouch! :) By popular demand, we offer you the Traveler Carrying Pouch with the coveted circle clip. Hooray. This product is for those of you who have sadly lost your Pouch or would prefer this duffel style Pouch that can clip to your suitcase or travel bags. To be crystal clear: this product does NOT include a Sleep Crown Pillow. It is simply the Carrying Pouch that will accommodate 1 Traveler style pillow. The grommet/ring clip are located on the side of the Pouch for easy in/out access for your Sleep Crown Traveler. A Sleep Crown Classic will not fit in this Traveler Carrying Pouch.

Special Note: All Sleep Crown Travelers (Original and Collabs) ship in their own specially-designed Traveler Carrying Pouch that is unique to each offering. This Extra Traveler Carrying Pouch product is for those who have lost their Pouch or would prefer a different style Pouch than the one that came with their Pillow.

Sorry, no returns available on this item.

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Ways to Sleep Better
Ways to Sleep Better
Ways to Sleep Better
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