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Sleep Crown Body Pillow

We will make more Body Pillows. We do not have an ETA just yet. When we have a restock date we will post here. Sorry no presale.
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Product Details

A new dream realized. Introducing the dreamiest Body Pillow that ever was. We all need a collective hug about now and your hugging supplies are here! Cozy, abundant, made of our luscious Sleep Crown ingredients. You’ll find your own way with your Body Pillow, but here are some obvious cozy positions…

  • hug your arms and legs around it in the side-sleeping position to ease lower back pain
  • rest it atop of your entire body in the back-sleeping position from your collar bones to your shins for a weighted sleep therapy win
  • place under the backs of your knees in the back-sleeping position to settle your nervous system
  • lay your whole body on top of it in the belly-down position - ahhh
  • simply cozy up next to it - your new snuggle friend
  • pair with a Sleep Crown Classic or Traveler for maximum cocooning
Sorry, no returns available on this item.

The Sleep Crown Body Pillow contains enough Fill to offer ample support and has the indescribably lovely marshmallowy S Q U I S H that is customary of all Sleep Crown offerings.

Weighing in at 6.5 pounds
Measuring 48” X 16” X 6”
Immeasurable comfort and delight.

Made of Bamboo Jersey.
Filled with Vegan Down.
Comes with a custom pillow case.
The pillow case and outer jacket are machine washable.
Ships to you in a custom Carrying Pouch.
Free US Shipping.

When you receive your Sleep Crown Body Pillow, it will be packaged in a reusable Nylon Ripstop Carrying Pouch. Simply remove the Carrying Pouch and commence snuggling.

We will include 1 additional bag of Fill with your Body Pillow - please store it for later in case you ever need to add more Fill to your Body Pillow in the future.

Care: Remove the Sleep Crown Pillow Case and unzip the Outer Jacket and remove. Machine wash the Pillow Case and Outer Jacket in cold water on the gentle cycle. Dry on the delicate cycle or hang to dry. It is not recommended to wash the Inner Jacket which contains the Fill itself. The Fill is very delicate and doesn't like to get wet. For complete care instructions, visit

Colors: White or Charcoal
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