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Sleep Crown Traveler

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Sleep Crown Traveler Over-the-Head Pillow, Traveler Pillow Case, Traveler Carrying Pouch

*NEW* - The Traveler inner pillow is white and you are welcome to select the Pillow Case colorway of your dreams from the available options.

Our must-have companion for people on the move, the Sleep Crown Over-the-Head Traveler. Just like Sleep Crown Classic, our Traveler is soft and comforting and does an exceptional job of blocking light and muffling disruptive ambient noise when you’re out adventuring around the world. Handmade with premium Organic Bamboo Jersey and Vegan Down, this oh-so-soft pillow gently contours around the face making you feel cozy, tucked in and nurtured. The gentle pressure over the head sets the conditions for calming the body, sending you into relaxation mode and encouraging much needed sleep when you’re away from home. The Traveler comes in a convenient custom Carrying Pouch that clips onto your suitcase or travel bag with the beloved circle clip. Leave your Carrying Pouch visible by your travel gear and allow it to serve as a reminder to pack your Traveler from the hotel upon departure as well! Everyone is exhausted and Sleep Crown is on a mission to help people get proper sleep at home and away.

Unlike a traditional travel neck pillow - the Sleep Crown Traveler is not meant for neck support. It is designed to place over your eyes and drape over your ears, reducing light and sound. Feel free to tuck it behind your neck or wedge it anywhere that is comforting for you, but be aware that it doesn’t provide the firm neck support of a traditional travel pillow. It is soft, flexible and comforting. The Sleep Crown Traveler will filter plane, train, car, hotel, and travel stimuli, and allow you to recharge anywhere life takes you.

  • Works in any sleeping position
  • Great for all types of sleeping - night, day, napping, travel snoozing
  • Hypo-allergenic and Vegan
  • Made of premium ingredients, sourced in the US
  • Organic Bamboo jersey knit is a super-soft, natural, sustainable fabric with wicking and cooling capabilities
  • Vegan Down Fill
  • 18” X 12”, 12 oz.
  • Contoured design
  • Weight is easily adjustable for desired amount of gentle pressure
  • Flexible, moldable, squishable
  • PETA-Approved Vegan
  • Female-Founded Company
  • Made in Austin, TX

Our custom-made Traveler Pillow Case matches the contours of the Traveler pillow, highlighting its smart design and allowing ample space to breathe easily. A Bamboo Jersey Pillow Case is included with every Sleep Crown Traveler - simply select your color preference. The feel of the Bamboo Jersey fabric is luxuriously soft and provides the perfect weight to calm your nervous system.

Free US shipping for all Sleep Crown Pillows. Your Order will ship asap from Austin, TX. Shipping typically takes 5-7 days.

Sleep Crown Traveler may be therapeutic or helpful for:
  • Relaxation
  • Insulates you from unwanted streams of light, elevator dings, stompy hallway footsteps, and door slams of wayward travelers
  • Wonderful for those who sleep with someone who snores
  • Migraine Headaches - migraine-sufferers can be particularly sensitive to light and sound. Sleep Crown blocks out ambient light and noise and the gentle compression may provide relief so that you may sleep
  • Sensory Overwhelm
  • Anxious Feelings, Stress and Tension
  • Different bedtimes of housemates
  • Traveling disco naps
  • Makes a special gift - especially for those undergoing surgery, recoveries of all types, those experiencing grief.

Remove the Sleep Crown Pillow Case and unzip the Outer Jacket and remove. Machine wash the Pillow Case and Outer Jacket in cold water on the gentle cycle. Dry on the delicate cycle or hang to dry. It is not recommended to wash the Inner Jacket which contains the Fill itself. The Fill is very delicate and doesn't like to get wet. For complete care instructions, visit

Extreme caution is necessary!
Proper placement of the Sleep Crown product is of highest importance, as with anything you place over your face or head. Ensure that user's breathing passages are unobstructed. Product may not be placed over breathing passages. Sleep Crown should not be used in combination with alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs. Recommended for persons 12 & over. Please never put this product over a baby, child or pet.
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