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Easiest Ways to Improve Sleep

I get asked a lot about ways people can improve their sleep. I’m a big fan of natural options and I’m very practical, so cost and ease of implementation must be considered for impactful changes. Here are my top 10 suggestions…

  1. Sleep in a cold, dark, quiet room. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the optimal sleep temperature is between 60-67 degrees. (may affect your energy costs)

  2. Avoid blue light for 2 hours before bedtime. I use Swanwick glasses to soothe and protect my eyes. (one-time cost)

Stash your phone away 2 hours prior to bedtime. Far, far away - Digital Detox. Setup 'Night Shift' on your iPhone to establish a warmer light. 'F.lux' warms up the light on your laptop. (free)

You may want to consider plugging your home wifi router into a timer set to switch off overnight. The potential effects of EMF's on human health are under feisty debate and vary widely depending on the frequency and intensity of the fields. The amount and power of exposure that we receive from cell signals, radio frequency, wifi is relatively new, so there is no long-term data on the impact on human health. Research suggests that constant exposure to EMF could cause harm. I like to play on the conservative side and limit exposure when possible. (timer $3.50 at Home Depot)

  1. Limit caffeine, discontinue intake after noon. Limit Alcohol consumption. (free, cost savings possible)

  2. Set a pre-sleep routine, consistent bedtime and waketime. (free)

  3. Daily exercise, walk or movement practice, but not too close to bedtime! (free)

  4. Mentally give yourself permission to rest. Meditation, silent permission, ASMR, aromatherapy, Body Scan Practice....whatever works for you! Anything to help get you out of your thinking mind and relax the body. (free at

  5. Daily orgasm - helps all systems of the body work optimally. The release of oxytocin counteracts cortisol abundance which leads to better sleep. (free)

  6. Brown or Pink Noise from a sound machine or a fan. (nominal cost)

  7. Sleep with a pillow between your knees to keep the sacrum in a neutral position. (free)

  8. Sleep Crown, of course! Helps insulate you from whatever is disruptive in your sleep environment. (one-time cost)

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