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Sleep with a Capital S

It is tempting as a baby entrepreneur to work excessive hours. However, I value my sleep. I know that it is absolutely critical, not only for my health, but for my ability to focus and for my optimistic attitude. In my home adequate sleep isn’t just a goal, it is a vital component of my overall approach to my family health plan. I idolize Sleep so much, even my iPhone autocorrects to a capital letter ’S’ when I type the word ‘sleep'.

Something that I have learned as I travel around visiting with people…sleep is deeply personal. It may not be a topic that comes up much in regular conversation; but ask anybody and they’ll have a story for you. I’ve heard some very interesting tales of the systems and processes concocted by those on the quest for sleep - including someone’s father-in-law who belts a pillow to his head every night. I can almost guarantee that you already know someone who sleeps with a pillow over their head. Many people have the natural instinct to pull their pillows over their head. It is so fun for me to connect with these people in particular because they automatically love Sleep Crown as much as I do! We’re out there!

Sleep can be elusive. Between technology stimulation, emotional dysregulation on the rise, the adverse effects junk light on our circadian rhythms…and many other things - its a wonder any of us get to sleep! I think this may be why people are having so much success with Sleep Crown. The triple whammy of gentle pressure over the head, matched with Sleep Crown’s ability to block out light and sound are the perfect solution to elevate anyone’s sleep. Sleep Crown isn’t only for people with sleep troubles. However, getting adequate rest seems to be a greater and greater challenge. And if you are able to find a natural remedy that actually helps, its a win! I encourage everyone to consider sleep when creating exercise and health regimes. Our bodies know how to heal themselves if we can just get the sleep we need.

Sweet Dreams!


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