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Calming breathing technique for better Sleep

Dear Ones,

Head on over to ‘Guided Relaxation’ to try the newly shared breathing exercise called Square Breathing with you.

It is a calming breathing technique that traces back to ancient yogic practices. I have shared this breathing experience with my students over the years and have noticed how quickly it calms and settles the body. The wonderful news is that I just read a note from Dave Asprey about the benefits of what he refers to as Box Breathing. Its the exact same thing! If you aren’t familiar with Dave Asprey, he is the Founder of Bulletproof. His work focuses on optimizing human health by enhancing biology with technology, nutrition and numerous techniques, or 'biohacks’.

I love synchronicity and I’m also impressed by a breath practice that has one foot in ancient yoga rooting and one foot in forward-thinking scientific practice. Square Breathing is a great way to settle the nervous system pre-sleep. Try it out and let me know how you feel.

Sweet Dreams,


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