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What do Snoring, Migraines and Doggies have in common? Sleep Crown.

I adore my customers. My company is small enough that I know most of them, or can trace back to the source of the recommendation. Sleep Crown is a unique innovation and solves a problem for people. Because of this, my customers are inclined to reach out and let me know how its going. It truly warms my heart.

Some common themes have emerged from the love notes I receive…

Snore-Muffling Perfection

Sleep Crown can not make any miracle snore-ending claims. However, Sleep Crown can seriously upgrade the experience for the bedmate of the snorer! I worked with an audio engineer to determine that Sleep Crown reduces disruptive ambient noise by about 9 decibels. I hear it again and again from our sweet customers - Sleep Crown is a game-changer for those who sleep with someone who snores.

Therapeutic for Migraines

For those who suffer from migraines, Sleep Crown works to provide relief. When a migraine crashes down, the desire is to retreat from light and sound. The gentle weight over the eyes and forehead are comforting and Sleep Crown does an exceptional job of blocking out sound. Its like a sensory-deprivation pillow. Very effective.

Total Pet Magnet

I have received no less than 15 photos of customers’ pet babes perched atop Sleep Crown. There is 1 thing that all dogs and cats agree upon - Sleep Crown is soft, cozy and irresistible!

Sweet dreams to all humans and animals alike.

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