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Ali Landry - Sleep Crown Customer and Fellow Sleep Activist

One of the most exciting parts of being a Baby Entrepreneur of this lil pillow dream of mine is traveling the country and meeting extraordinary people. While Ali Landry is an Actress, a Model, a Spokeswoman Extraordinaire, and an Entrepreneur…she is also a Mom, a wife, a daughter, sister and friend to many. With so many roles to juggle, it is no wonder that she bumped up against some sleep troubles. Instead of accepting insomnia as part of her hectic life, Ali faced it directly. She was determined to solve her sleep quandary naturally.

Ali researched tools, techniques and ‘sleep hacks’ in order to make adjustments to foundational elements like exercise, nutrition and natural supplementation. Through her connections with the Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus, Oura Ring and Sleep Crown, Ali has improved her sleep. I am delighted that Sleep Crown is a part of Ali’s sleep upgrade. The only trouble is, she’s so dang beautiful that its a shame to cover that gorgeous face!

Ali’s generous spirit inspired her to share all of the powerful information she has gathered along her journey. She launched to provide the tools, products, and wellness information to everyone. I was in New York City when Ali posted about Sleep Crown for the first time. It was a serious ‘pinch me’ moment. I am over the moon about the opportunity to join forces with Ali and RESHAPE in our shared mission to help people get proper sleep.

Check out Ali's website Re/Shape Live here:

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