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Sleep Crown - The cherry on top of a Weighted Blanket

Most people have heard of the Weighted Blanket concept. If you haven’t yet learned of it - it is a blanket that is intentionally weighted to 10% of a person’s body weight. It isn’t warmth that it provides - it supplies nurturing compression. It provides a similar experience as the weighted vest that drapes over your body during an x-ray. Think of your last visit to the dentist. To prepare for taking x-rays, the hygienist drapes a heavy sand vest over your shoulders, chest and stomach to protect your vital organs. Inexplicably, a feeling of relaxation suddenly permeates your body.

You see, our bodies crave sweet, gentle compression. It is comforting to our nervous systems. Gentle pressure feels great - its why a massage or a back rub feels so wonderful. Initially, weighted blankets were therapeutic for people on the spectrum, those who were struck with anxiety and depression and those with sensory disorders. However, this craving for weighting the body is a human desire. It works well for everyone and promotes a sense of calm. All of the sudden, there is an abundance of weighted blanket companies.

It is this same science that Sleep Crown is based upon. Until now, this type of nurturing gentle compression was not available for the head. Our eyes, forehead, scalp and crown would like to be covered too. I absolutely love watching people experience Sleep Crown for the first time. It works instantly and brings a smile every time. It is watching the physical embodiment of ‘aahhhhhhh’. I get the biggest kick out of seeing people go from downright skeptical to snuggly and smiling within a matter of seconds.

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