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Sleep Crown Protects Your Sleep…no matter what sleeping position you choose

Whether you sleep on your back or your side, Sleep Crown works well to protect you from any ambient disruptions in your sleep environment. When Sleep Crown drapes lightly over the eyes and ears, you are sealed in from any lights and sounds. The obvious first step to settle the body for sleep is to make it dark and make it quiet. Sleep Crown does just that.

Beyond that, the gentle weight of a Sleep Crown provides a sweet amount of pressure that settles the body in preparation for sleep. Just enough to feel the caress, but not too much as to create tension. The body naturally craves this compression. I’ve heard about many things being snuggled over the eyes and brow for sleep - the crook of an elbow, the arm of a sweatshirt, a sock, a pillow that is too stiff / too heavy / doesn’t have a space for breathing. Sleep Crown was made especially for this purpose. It is lusciously soft, droopy, contouring, non-toxic, vegan - all the good stuff and its made in Austin, Texas.

Even stomach-sleepers love Sleep Crown. While the Sleep Crown would be used in the more traditional sense of a pillow in this case…it still works well! The feedback is that the Sleep Crown is so soft and squishy that it flattens and smooshes down as to not create even more burden to one’s neck.

No matter what position feels just right for you, Sleep Crown elevates your sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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