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Sleep Crown featured as 'Today's Discovery' on The Grommet

Thousands of products apply to become a Grommet, but only 3% of products are selected to launch on the Grommet’s proven platform. The Grommet supports independent Makers by launching and supporting innovative products through their e-commerce website and established email subscriber list and social media channels. It is Sleep Crown’s honor to be featured as ‘Today’s Discovery’ on on April 9.

We're on a mission to help people get proper sleep. Our bodies know how to optimize themselves if we can simply get the rest we require. When we sleep well, we feel better. Period. Sleep is equally, if not more important to our health and wellbeing as nutrition and exercise. We want to make a difference in as many lives as possible so

we developed a pillow that is helping people get the sleep they need. Its called Sleep Crown and it offers 3 benefits… blocks out light, muffles sound and provides gentle compression to the scalp and crown of the head.

We are so very grateful to the Grommet for helping us spread the message about the importance of good sleep for your overall health and wellness.

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