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Gary Crowley of is enjoying his Sleep Crown, and this makes us happy!

I feel an instant bond to people who sleep with a pillow over their head. Admittedly, it seems like an unusual habit. Many think they are weird, but it turns out - there are large numbers of people who sleep with something on their heads at night. Gary Crowley is one of them. We joked about being in a secret club. The need for a secret handshake. From my observation, it is about an equal male to female ratio. Young and old. Some have slept this way since they were little kids, some sleep this way for only a period of their lives and some were introduced to the idea by Sleep Crown.

It is difficult to find the words to describe what feels so good about sleeping this way. Gary describes it as being swaddled like a baby. Some have described it as a Sleep Cocoon. There have been some ideas about Sleep Crown stimulating the Vagus Nerve which tells the nervous system to relax. But all agree that Sleep Crown makes you feel secure and nurtured. Just feels good.

Gary was so generous with his time and his compliments for Sleep Crown. He has an easy way in front of the camera because he spends much of his time there. Gary offers his life’s work for free for all to help de-tension the joints of the body. Yours & your doggies! You can learn how to rid yourself of the aches and pains by going to

I always enjoy getting to speak with customers who benefit from this sweet pillow. To know that somebody out there is sleeping better and feeling the comfort of Sleep Crown makes me smile. Thanks Gary!

And sweet dreams.


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