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The Universe Within - An Awareness Practice

Take a deep breath in.

Explore the floor.

Rest your entire back body against it and feel it rise up to meet you.

Steadfast, unwavering support.

Close your eyes and let darkness set in.

Allow your breath to spread space within a little wider with each unfolding.

Attune to the rhythms of the body.


Breath as wide as a spiral galaxy.




Sink down.

Take note of the friendly atmosphere that surrounds. It rises to meet you, support you.

Consider your heart as the center of the eternal Universe that resides within.

All of the cosmos swirl inside your eyes.

Ride the pulse of breath as it journeys through your vessel.

Traveling to the outermost edge of your boundaries and beyond.

Worlds contained in the waters of the belly.

A place where all is felt; known; deep inside.

Open up the palms to the sky and place a star in each hand.

Lighting the way for your celestial body to drift around through space.

The intelligence of all systems interconnected.

A wise web of healing at the cellular level.







Published on Thrive Global on 9/12 -

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