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Popsugar can't stop raving about Sleep Crown

We are so happy and delighted that Popsugar loves Sleep Crown. They just talked about Sleep Crown again in their new article: "If You Want the Best Night's Sleep (Every Night!), You Need These 3 Pillows"

Here is what they have to say:

Sleep Crown Over-the-Head Pillow

The second layer of the pillow trinity (and probably the most important!) is this Sleep Crown Over-the-Head Pillow ($168). It applies gentle pressure over the crown of my head, blocks out light, and muffles any noise that might startle me awake. It feels like a comforting hug and a dark cave all wrapped into one — it's like a gentle weighted blanket for my head. As soon as I place this pillow over my head, a wave of calmness pours over me.

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