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A favorite, practical shortcut to shifting my energy is to listen to music. As a Yoga teacher, I’ve spent untold hours listening to music and building playlists. Whether I’m developing something to inspire my athletes to go UP or creating something luscious to encourage my Restorative students to melt into the floor - I love it all.

I feel that I have curated an ideal set of music to relax the body. I enjoy pulling from several genres - binaural beats, sounds of nature, heartbeats, chimes - many techniques are employed. Some artists have even tapped into science by collaborating with Sound Therapists to create music that slows the rhythms of the body - the heart rate, the breath and the blood pressure - naturally.

I encourage you to have a listen while focusing on your breath and feel the shift into your Parasympathetic Nervous System - the rest and restore part of our body’s intelligence. Please don’t listen while driving - as this list could lull you into a seriously relaxed state.

This is a perfect playlist for nighttime ritual. Even having it on in the background for the hour prior to bedtime could be helpful.

As always… Sweet Dreams,


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