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New Product Alert: the Traveler Story

From the moment I launched Sleep Crown, I’ve been asked to create a travel-sized version of this sweet pillow. Many of my customers are on-the-go and away from home. They really want to take their Sleep Crown with them because it is especially important to reap the environment-taming benefits of this special pillow while away from home.

It took a minute to produce this product because if I was going to proceed, I wanted to create something really special. This is not your standard-issue-overly-firm-donut-that-you-buy-at-the-airport travel pillow. It is absolutely not intended to do the same thing that those pillows do. I have never understood those pillows? The ones I have tried shift my head too far forward, uncomfortably shifting my cervical spine out of proper alignment.

Here’s what the Traveler will do for you… it will block out light, muffle ambient noise and offer gentle pressure - just like the Sleep Crown Classic. It is very similar to the Classic, just a few inches smaller and a little lighter weight. It comes with a cute little carrying pouch that will easily clip to your suitcase or travel bag. It is Charcoal Grey so it won’t show the scuffs and smudges of travel life.

I had a blast launching this lil Traveler pillow baby at the Upgrade Labs in Beverly Hills. It was a great opportunity to witness everyone try both sizes… to compare and contrast the feeling of the Classic to the Traveler. While I still personally prefer the Classic, 7 out of 10 people preferred the Traveler. Which was really exciting! I completely sold out of my first production run.

To answer some of the common questions from the Event…

-it comes with a custom Charcoal Grey Pillow Case that you can remove for laundry

-you can absolutely use it at home as well, no travel necessary

-it will bunch, flex, squench and tuck just like its bigger counterpart

-it will not offer cervical support like a traditional donut-style travel pillow

-the weight is adjustable as there are zippers across the top, just like the Classic

sleep crown traveler pillow

I’m quite sure that you will absolutely love it and I’m delighted to release this product into the world. Kinda like having a second child. We are on a bit of a wait list, but we are making more as fast as we are able. Remember that this is a handmade product, so we don’t want to rush the process. Reserve yours now by purchasing in the SHOP at

Sweet Dreams Always!


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