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Featured on Bridgette Raes Style Expert

We are so happy to be featured as a Friday Fab Find on! The review is posted on her site, but here's how it went:

"For years I lived next to Henry Hudson Parkway. One cool spring night, I was Skyping with a friend in Japan and she yelled “F***! What is that noise?” I explained it was a motorcycle. “Why is it SO LOUD? how do you sleep? How are you not insane?”

It was a good question. I have the skill to sleep through pretty much anything. But, when I did move recently I was in a tiny room facing a backyard. When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t believe how deeply I slept and how refreshed I felt.

Sleep Crown

Turns out even when you think you’ve slept through noise your brain actually hears it, which can disturb your REM sleep. REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, is the deep restful sleep that really recharges you. Light pollution is another issue, especially if you share your bedroom. You can use eye masks but sometimes they are uncomfortable (but not Manta Masks! ) I tried to use ear plugs but they hurt, and later I had an ear infection. I’m not sure those two things are related but I’m not chancing it. Now I’m going to use a Sleep Crown to comfortably block out light and noise. Visit their site here.

A Sleep Crown can be used to calm down and relax in many different ways by covering most of the head for sleep. Use in combination with your most blissful pillow. Simply place the pillow over the top portion of your head, curved-side down. Secure and tuck the pillow over your eyes and ears and align the curve around your nose and mouth to ensure plenty of space to breathe. If you are an active sleeper, your pillow may shift off in the night.

Features of the Sleep Crown:

  • Blocks out light, muffles ambient sound

  • Works in any sleeping position

  • Vegan, Hypoallergenic and Handmade in Austin, Texas

  • Made of Bamboo Jersey Fabric and Vegan Down

  • The weight is customizable

  • Great for all types of sleeping – night, day, napping, travel

  • Female-Founded Company

The Sleep Crown is perfect for people who live in a densely populated city with an abundance of noise and light pollution or who share their bedroom with a spouse who goes to sleep after them. They now offer 2 styles, the Classic and the Traveler.

Ready for your own? Promo Code: RAES will provide a $10 Savings on Orders over $135 and Free Shipping for all Orders – active now until August 31, 2019"

To check out her site, follow the link here!

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