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Sleep Crown appears in the Strategist for the 3rd time

Natalie Morales is a dream. Natalie first purchased a Traveler back in 2020 at the peak of pandemic times. She fell in love with her lil pillow and took to Instagram to share about Sleep Crown with her large following. I’ll never forget the feeling of watching Natalie’s Instagram story over and over. I felt so seen and validated by this famous Hollywood actress. She mentioned loving her Traveler and knowing that Sleep Crown was a small business. Everything was so uncertain then and she wanted to be sure that we didn’t go out of business. I watched it again and again.

Fast forward 3 years and Natalie is still showing her love and support. She has sent many as gifts, referred many friends our way and is simply a selflessly supportive Customer. I am thrilled that Natalie included her Sleep Crown Traveler in her list of ’things she can’t live without’ for the Strategist by New York Magazine. Thanks for the love over the years Natalie.

This is especially exciting as this is our 3rd appearance in this feature by the Strategist. Whitney Cummings, Emma Roberts and now Natalie Morales can’t live without us. The Strategist trifecta. :) I’m so very grateful for the vouches.

Thank you!


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