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Sleep Crown featured on the 'I'm Sorry' Podcast with Kiki Monique

We were delighted to receive some shine from Kiki Monique in her I’m Sorry podcast, a show about apologies. Kiki apologizes to her couch for abandoning it for her bed with her Sleep Crown. Kiki’s Sleep Crown is helping her sleep by blocking out the motion-sensor lights that are constantly triggered outside of her home. Thanks for the sweet prod rec and for sharing your big spotlight on Instagram with us Kiki. We appreciate you.

Here is what Kiki Monique said:

"Well, interestingly enough, it’s sort of revolves around sleep too. But I’m going to give an apology. And I’m going to give it to my couch. Because as you know, for the last year, I’ve pretty much been exclusively sleeping on my couch, because, you know, I watch TV. And then it’s just like, I fall asleep. But like for the last like, two, maybe three weeks, I have been solely devoted to bed sleep, I’ve been sleeping in my bed every single night. So I feel like I owe an apology for just kind of abandoning my couch. And just to say, like, I’m probably not going to return anytime soon. Because, you know, we had SuChin Pak who is like the co-hosts of Adhikar on our show recently. And her and COO lab are always talking about this pillow that they like, are obsessed with like, and like their audiences obsessed with. And so I’m like, okay, let me see what this pillow is about. So I got one of these pillows. I was look, I was skeptical at first because it’s like this over the head pillow, which, you know, I’m already a weird sleeper as it is. And I thought like, okay, over the head, is it going to feel like restrictive am I going to feel like I’m suffocating. But like, it’s actually like really the opposite. So it’s like this sleep crown pillow and it has liked a curve out where your mouth goes. And so you just like lay it over your head. And you can sort of tuck it behind your head, even if you sleep on your back. Or if you sleep on your side, kind of just wrap it around. So it’s kind of like having like, like, almost like a weighted blanket or like a face mask for you. Or like a weighted blanket for your face. Right. And I literally have not, I’ve been sleeping so well because like normally, like I have these outside lights that like automatically go off anytime there’s any motion and it’s like, you know, feral cat, possum, whatever they like, are always on. So it’s like, it blocks that completely out. Which is really, really nice. And I actually sleep through the night. And look, I’ll trust anything. I mean, the person who invented this pillow apparently is like some restorative yoga teacher, and who’s all about like sleep and so I’m like, okay, I trust people who spend their lives just trying to like get me comfortable and get me to sleep. So I’m sorry to my couch but I don’t think I’ll be making a return because I purposely leave this like sleep crumble because you know, it’s like it is a little bit pricier it’s like made in the US it’s like you know handmade all of that so yeah, and so I’m not gonna leave it on my couch for my cats to scratch up I purposely leave it in my bedroom. So in order to get to it I have to go to sleep on my bed so I’m sorry to my couch but I don’t think I’ll be making a return anytime soon."

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