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What Emma Roberts can't live without

To my joyful surprise, Emma Roberts included her Sleep Crown in an article in NY Mag’s The Strategist Celebrity Shopping Feature titled 'Things I Can’t Live Without.' I try to be discreet and not namedrop, but if Emma is willing to share about her love for her Sleep Crown… then I hope she’s OK with me sharing about it too. :) Fortunately, this is Sleep Crown's second appearance in this column as Whitney Cummings graciously featured her love for her Classic in the Strategist too. I am grateful for every single Customer and each and every referral. Whether you are mentioning Sleep Crown to your neighbor or being interviewed by NY Magazine… thank you. There is nothing like a referral from a trusted resource. And each one warms my heart. Thank you Emma. Thank you Whitney. Thank you to all of my wonderful Customers. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Sweet dreams. Always. Julie

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