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Welcome to Sleep Crown 

Recommended by The Sleep Doctor

"Everything You Do

You Do Better

With a Good Night's Sleep."


- The Sleep Doctor, Michael J. Breus, PhD


Sleep Crown - An Over-The-Head Pillow

  • blocks out light

  • muffles a surprising amount of sound

  • provides gentle compression that calms the body for sleeping

  • offers plenty of space for breathing

  • works in any sleeping position

  • feels so soft and nurturing

  • 2 Styles - the Classic and the Traveler

  • Handmade in Austin, Texas

  • Comes with its own, custom pillow case

  • Free US Shipping

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"When you don’t have a restful night, it can have an effect on your mood, health, family and even your job. So, whether you are struggling with insomnia or you are simply looking to improve your sleep, I have tools, tips and resources designed to help you."

~The Sleep Doctor

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