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Sleep Crown is so soft and comforting and does an exceptional job of blocking light and muffling disruptive ambient noise. Handmade of premium Bamboo Jersey and Vegan Down, this sleep aid contours gently around the face making you feel cozy, tucked in and nurtured. The gentle pressure over the head instantly calms the body, sending you into relaxation mode and encouraging much needed sleep. Everyone is exhausted and Sleep Crown is on a mission to help people get proper sleep.

Sleep Crown for Uninterrupted Sleep

  • blocks out light

  • muffles a surprising amount of sound

  • provides gentle compression that calms the body for sleeping

  • offers plenty of space for breathing

  • works in any sleeping position

  • feels so soft and nurturing

  • handmade in Austin, Texas

  • comes with a custom Pillow Case and a Travel Pouch

  • free US Shipping


Pillow Imagining on a whole new level.

"Sleep is the most essential recovery tool we have and something that we need to do well every night in order to look, feel, and perform our best. Tailoring your own personal sleep sanctuary for maximum comfort is key to optimizing your sleep. People often overlook the importance of a good set of pillows, but Sleep Crown has taken pillow imagining to a whole new level. Founded by Julie Westervelt, a restorative yoga teacher, Sleep Crown launched a few years ago and introduced the concept of weighted sleep therapy. 

Sleep research reveals that it’s not just the number of hours of sleep you get every night, but that it’s crucially important that those hours of sleep are uninterrupted. The original Sleep Crown is an over-head pillow engineered to cocoon your head and block out light, muffle sound, and provide a gentle weight to insulate you from ambient disruptions that can wake you in the middle of your restorative deep sleep cycles. A smaller traveler version was released last year, and the newest addition is the Noble Body Pillow for a comforting, full-body hugging sensation. 

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"I've been meaning to email you to let you know that I am obsessed with my sleep crown! It's 10x better in person. The first night I used it, I did not even wake up when my 6 year old crawled into bed with us, which is a first.  It also drowns out noise (aka husband's snoring).  Anyway, I'm a big fan and I just wanted to let you know:)  I LOVE IT!"

~ Kate R., San Francisco

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As seen in the Smithsonian Magazine