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Sleep Crown

An over-the-head pillow

Sleep Crown

Sleep Crown is an over-the-head pillow developed by a Restorative Yoga Teacher. She has a special secret to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with a secure, tucked-in feeling. This innovative pillow provides three benefits:

  • blocks natural and artificial light 

  • muffles ambient sound

  • gives gentle pressure over the head - very relaxing to the body

Falling Asleep Easily
Natural Ways to Sleep

Why Sleep is so important

Sleep Research is revealing the importance of uninterrupted sleep. It isn't simply about clocking hours. That is important, but what's even more crucial is that your sleep is not interrupted. This is what produces the greatest health benefits for your heart, nervous system and memory consolidation. Sleep Crown insulates you from ambient disruptions, so that you can keep sleeping. And the benefit of gentle weight over the head is a simple sleep trick to put your body at ease. Makes it dark, quiet and helps you relax so that you can sleep all through the night. (Or all day for our shift worker friends).

Many already sleep with something over their heads, It is natural to try to block light and withdraw from the senses. The trouble is, it is next to impossible to find the perfect pillow that will contour and tuck around all of the curves of your head, allow plenty of space for breathing, a pillow that is just the right weight, that is perfectly flexible, that will insulate you from your environment.

Until now...Sleep Crown pillows were designed for this sole purpose. To make you feel relaxed, nurtured, and evoke a cozy feeling of being all tucked in and protected.


If you have yet to try the luscious over-the-head-pillow sleeping experience, you don't yet know what you're missing! You simply must try it to comprehend the supreme relaxation and comfort provided by a Sleep Crown. Sleep Crown is on a mission to nurture you into proper, uninterrupted sleep. So that you can be your most resilient, healthiest, kindest most creative self.

Sleep Better

What they say

"I wanted to be able to respond to you once I got my pillow and tried it out for a bit.  I have to say, I don't know what kind of magic is used to create these pillows, but it's AMAZING!!  It is everything I've been looking for as far as blocking out light and muffling sound and just being an all around squishy cloud-like dream.  Totally changed my sleep game! 

I think this could be a real game changer for folks like me who get frequent migraines and need to be able to block out stimuli but not have something too restricting across their eyes/head."

Erica M.,
Snoqualmie, Washington

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