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Recommended by Dave Asprey

"The Sleep Crown Pillow encourages proper, uninterrupted sleep."

- Dave Asprey

Sleep Crown - An Over-the-Head Pillow

  • blocks out light

  • muffles a surprising amount of sound

  • provides gentle compression that calms the body for sleeping

  • offers plenty of space for breathing

  • works in any sleeping position

  • feels so soft and nurturing

  • 2 Styles - the Classic and the Traveler

  • Handmade in Austin, Texas

  • Comes with its own, custom pillow case

  • Free US Shipping


"Sleep hacking is so important, and just getting it right can change the quality of your day, the quality of your inflammation, whether you’re likely to get cancer. It’s a huge, huge thing. That’s why I spent so much time on myself, learning how to make myself sleep better."

~Dave Asprey

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