Cate the Great Sleep Crown for great sleep

Welcome to Sleep Crown. We’re so happy that you discovered us through Cate the Great. We are huge fans of Cate the Great Beauty so it is a high honor to be featured in her videos - aren't they the BEST! ?

At Sleep Crown, we are on a mission to help nurture you to proper, uninterrupted sleep.

Sleep Crown - An Over-the-Head Pillow

  • blocks out light

  • muffles a surprising amount of sound

  • provides gentle compression that calms the body for sleeping

  • offers plenty of space for breathing

  • works in any sleeping position

  • feels so soft and nurturing

  • 2 Styles - the Classic and the Traveler

Cate the Great Beauty for Sleep Crown for great sleep

"This has done wonders for me. I put this on my head and I swear to you, I am out like a damn light"

~ Cate the Great 

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Cate the Great Beauty Lovers

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