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A Sleep, Sound and Soak Retreat

Offered by Sleep Crown

Miracle Manor, Desert Hot Springs, CA
April 26 - April 30, 2024

How amazing will it feel to disconnect and sneak away together? Where your sleep is exalted, your body is gently moved and breathed, and then soaked in the healing mineral-drenched waters of the Hot Springs. A touch of sun warms your skin, healing sound sensations swirl around you impacting your subtle body sweetly. With big sky views and each sunset celebrated. Then off to your comfy bed and tucked in under your Sleep Crown for the best sleep of your life. Come ground down into Earth, Water, Wind, Heat. Spoil your senses and feel better. Miracle Manor was designed with this precise moment in mind. Sound sublime? I invite you to answer the call of the desert and remember who you are.

Beauty * Order * Peace

Sending big LOVE! Julie

Email Julie at for details and room options.
Double occupancy suites still available. Prices vary by room. 
Dietary preferences honored to the best of our abilities.
Just like our pillows, this retreat has a limited capacity and is likely to sell out. 
$200 early bird discount available until February 16.
Say yes to the adventure.


Permission To Rest Yoga Retreat 2020

La Ventana, Mexico

Offered by Sleep Crown

When we gather with the intention to honor rest, we remember what self-love truly means. Diving underneath the pressures and fluctuations of our full lives… rest is vital. Step away from your phone, meander in conversation unhurried by an agenda. Listen to your breath, uncoil tension, or just sit and stare. Time to peel back the layers and connect to the beauty of what lies beneath the surface.


Daily yoga practices led by Julie Westervelt, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Sleep Crown Pillows. Yin and Restorative Yoga. Easy. No pressure. Movement that simply feels good. Absolutely no yoga experience is necessary at all.


Up-scale beachfront accommodations – where the calming serenity of the Baja desert touches the vibrant clear waters of the Sea of Cortez.  Be nourished by fresh, local flavors from land and sea that can accommodate any dietary preferences. Plug in to the healing magic of nature, the nurturing power of saltwater, and breath-giving views of the Sea. Rich, deep, and wide. You will want for nothing. 


Permission to rest. Look within and remember who you are.

Calm. Grounded. Content.

Optional excursions - fishing trip, farmers market, boat ride, hiking.

So many highlights from our 2020 Retreat

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