How Does It Work?

A Sleep Crown can be used to calm down and relax in many different ways by covering most of the head for sleep. Use in combination with your most blissful pillow.  Simply place the pillow over the top portion of your head, curved-side down. Secure and tuck the pillow over your eyes and ears and align the curve around your nose and mouth to ensure plenty of space to breathe. If you are an active sleeper, your pillow may shift off in the night. If you awaken, allow your hands to locate the curve of the pillow and re-secure it over your head, leaving plenty of space open around your nose and mouth. If you need to get up in the night, simply get up. When you return to your bed, find your Sleep Crown and snuggle right back under it.


This product can provide relief and comfort.  Say goodbye to cumbersome eye masks and earplugs. You don't have to deal with the discomfort of straps or having painful earplugs.  If you enjoy waking to natural daylight, you can control the amount of light you would like to allow in from the comfort of your bed. No need to get up to adjust the drapes. Also, the Sleep Crown is perfect for daytime napping as it blocks daylight and environmental noise. 

80% of people are side-sleepers. Whether you are a side-sleeper or back-sleeper, a Sleep Crown will benefit you as it gently snuggles around the contours of your eyes, ears and head. It provides the perfect amount of gentle compression to calm the nervous system.


You simply have to try it to experience the profound relaxing power of gentle pressure over the head for yourself. Give Sleep Crown a try to truly understand its soothing abilities.

Over-the-Head Pillow

 "....there is one thing that I know for sure…sleep is just as important to our overall health as nutrition and exercise. I consider myself a sleep expert."

Julie Westervelt, Founder of Sleep Crown

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it washable?

The Sleep Crown Case is machine washable. Dry on the delicate cycle. You can even wash the Outer Jacket if it is necessary. Simply unzip the zipper across the top of your Sleep Crown. Remove the Outer Jacket. Wash & dry on the delicate cycle. When replacing, be sure to align the shape with the curve along the base of the Sleep Crown.

What is it made out of? Why does it feel so soft?

We source premium Bamboo Jersey, a natural and sustainable fabric and Faux Down Fill. No animal products are used in the production of this pillow. Sleep Crowns are bird-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan…but please don’t eat them! We did not stop until we were able to determine the best way to combine these (luscious) ingredients into the droopiest, softest, drapiest, most luscious, nurturing pillow you may have ever felt.

What if I sleep on my side?

Sleep Crown works well if you are a side-sleeper. Your hands will naturally pull, tug and tuck it right into place. Adjust your Sleep Crown so that the maximum amount of light and sound are blocked. Always ensure that your nose and mouth are completely clear and free to breathe.

What if I sleep on my stomach?

Although we worry about your neck in this position, Sleep Crown works well here too. In this position, you will not use the Sleep Crown in the manner that it was designed. This is the only sleeping position that you would actually sleep on top of the pillow. We’ve been happily surprised to receive glowing feedback from stomach sleepers. The word is that the pillow is so soft and squishy, it easily accommodates those who sleep on their stomachs.

Will it fall off in the night?

If you shift positions in the night, it is possible that your Sleep Crown may fall away. If you awaken in the night, your hands will find it and naturally pull it back into place. If it falls away, it will typically fall backward (between the crown of your head and the headboard).

Will I get hot?

Bamboo Jersey is a cooling fabric. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the optimal sleep temperature is between 60-67 degrees. If you are a hot sleeper and you awaken in the night warm, you can flip your Sleep Crown to the other side. Some use Sleep Crown simply to help them fall asleep and allow it to fall away naturally over the course of the night.

How do I customize the weight of my Sleep Crown?

All Sleep Crowns are totally customizable. We want you to play with it until you find the perfect fluffiness for you. Remove the Sleep Crown Case, unzip the zippers of the Outer Jacket and the Inner Jacket. Remove the desired amount of Fill. You may want to store the Fill that you remove in an airtight bag for future use. For instructions go to:

What if I have claustrophobia?

Sleep Crown may not be for you. However, some find it very comforting to place Sleep Crown over their chest or simply snuggle one. They are supremely soft and enjoyable any way you place it. Once you buy your very own Sleep Crown, you get to decide how to use it.

What's your Return Policy?

Sleep Crown is a micro-brand. Each pillow is lovingly produced by hand in Austin, TX. We are not mass-manufactured. Workmanship is absolutely guaranteed. In the rare exception a flaw slips through QC, we will happily replace the imperfection. In the unfortunate case that Sleep Crown does not meet your expectations for any reason, you may return the Pillow and Pillow Case postmarked within 14 days for a 75% refund. Outbound shipping is on us, return shipping will be your responsibility. We are so grateful for every order and hope that you will love your Crown. For returns, please send an email to so that we may be on the lookout for your package. Please use Return Shipping Address: Sleep Crown Fulfillment - Returns Attn: Kristie Wright 9101 Wall Street Suite 1080 Austin, Texas 78754

What is the Vegan Down Fill made from?

We have selected a premium Vegan Down Fill that is a micro-denier polyester. The texture feels like cotton candy and a marshmallow fell in love and had a baby. The Fill is made in Georgia using no toxic dyes and no styrene. Sleep Crowns are hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free. The Fill is encased in 2 zippered jackets and 1 pillow case. If you are extremely sensitive to polyester, this may not be the pillow for you.

What if I sleep on my back?

Perfect! This is the preferred sleeping position for your structural body. Sleep Crown works well in this position. Easily align the curve at the base of Sleep Crown with the bridge of your nose. Your hands can tuck the lower corners near your ears. Adjust your Sleep Crown until the light and sound are blocked and drift off to sleep. Gravitational forces will keep Sleep Crown in place. No straps needed.