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Why Aren't You Sleeping Well?

  1. Stress, Anxiety, Count Worries instead of Sheep

  2. Screen Stimulation (TV's, Phones and Devices)

  3. Sleep Environment - Ambient Disruptions

  4. Caffeine 

  5. Medication

  6. Alcohol

  7. Nighttime trips to the bathroom

  8. Conflicting schedules with housemates

  9. Nervous System Dysregulation

  10. Chronic pain or discomfort

Ways to get Better Sleep

Our Recommendations


People are exhausted! Insomnia is at epidemic levels. Women are twice as likely to have insomnia as men. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 adults don't get enough sleep. 7-9 hours per night is optimal. At least 50 million Americans suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders each year. 60 million prescriptions were written for sleeping pills in 2011. And that number is only getting bigger. Studies are revealing that not only is Zolpidem (the medicine in Ambien) bad for your health, it’s mostly ineffective. We strongly believe in natural sleep solutions.


Sleep Crown's mission is to help people get proper, uninterrupted sleep. Your body knows how to optimize itself when you simply get the rest you require. Sleep well, feel better. Period. Sleep is equally, if not more important to your health and wellbeing as nutrition and exercise. Beyond the obvious health benefits, sleep is the wellspring of resilience, a sense of optimism, coping skills, creativity and selflessness.  Getting enough sleep is a discipline which takes intention and time. Give yourself an edge with Sleep Crown.

Healthy Sleep Habits

  1. Consider spoiling all of your senses. Create a mood with dim lighting. Lighting candles or using essential oils always feels special. Relaxing music or tones - layer what soothes you to give your systems associations to relax. (nominal costs)

  2. Avoid or soften the impact of blue light for 2 hours before bedtime (LED's, fluorescents, tech lighting). Dr. Michael Breus, the Sleep Doctor goes so far as to say that lighting is medicine. We recommend True Dark glasses to soothe and protect your eyes in less than ideal lighting conditions or in front of a screen. (one-time cost) 

  3. Stash your phone away 2 hours prior to bedtime. Far, far away - Digital Detox. Setup 'Night Shift' on your iPhone to establish a warmer light. 'F.lux' warms up the light on your laptop. Please don't look at your phone for the first hour of your day. (free)

  4. Limit caffeine, discontinue intake after 2:00p. Limit Alcohol consumption. Hydrate as much as humanly possible before 7:00p. (free, cost savings possible)

  5. Daily exercise, walk or movement practice, but not too close to  bedtime! (free)

  6. Set a pre-sleep routine, consistent bedtime and waketime. (free)

  7. Mentally give yourself permission to rest. Meditation, journal just before sleep to settle your mind, ASMR, aromatherapy, Body Scan Practice....whatever works for you. Anything to help get you out of your thinking mind and relax the body. (free) guided relaxation at

  8. Ground your physical body. Get down on the floor and do some Restorative Yoga poses to release tension from the body. Even hugging your knees to chest and slowly swaying side to side while breathing deeply or sending your legs up the wall will help settle you for sleep. (free)

  9. Daily orgasm - helps all systems of the body work optimally. The release of oxytocin counteracts cortisol abundance which leads to better sleep. (free)

  10. Sleep in a cold, dark, quiet room. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the optimal sleep temperature is between 60-67 degrees. (may affect your energy costs)

  11. Brown or Pink Noise from a sound machine or a fan. (nominal cost)

  12. Side Sleepers - sleep with a pillow between your knees to keep your sacrum in a stable, neutral position.

  13. Back Sleepers - check out the Neck Nest by Dr. Peter Martone. And consider placing a pillow or blanket roll under your knees to de-tension the low back while sleeping. (free)

  14. Get your personal data by using a sleep tracker. Oura Ring or Biostrap are both great products. (one-time cost)

  15. Our bodies crave compression. Consider adding a Magic Weighted Blanket to your sleep routine. They are instantly calming. We love to collaborate with Magic Weighted Blanket as they invented the concept and have been in business for over 20 years. Like us, they make their product in the U.S.  Use Promo Code: sleepcrown15 for a 15% savings.

  16. You may want to consider plugging your home wifi router into a timer set to switch off overnight. The potential effects of EMF's on human health are under feisty debate and vary widely depending on the frequency and intensity of the fields. The amount and power of exposure that we receive from cell signals, radio frequency, wifi is relatively new, so there is no long-term data on the impact on human health. Research suggests that constant exposure to EMF could cause harm. Consider being on the conservative side and limit exposure when possible. (timer $3.50 at Home Depot)

  17. Choose a podcast with a host with a soothing voice. Listen to a story before bed to get you out of your thinking mind. Check out the Calm + Cozy podcast by Beth Wyatt. (free)

  18. Cold showers before bed if you are hardcore. Cold water face-splashies if you are a wimp like our Founder Julie. Cold water can increase circulation and decrease inflammation.

  19. Sleep Crown, of course! Helps insulate you from whatever is disruptive in your sleep environment. Feels lucious and cues your body and mind that it is time for sleep. Remember, our goal is uninterrupted sleep. (one-time cost)

Healthy Sleep Habits
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