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Sleep Crown

Sleep Crown Inspiration

How To Use Sleep Crown

Developed by a Yoga Teacher

Sleep Crown is a natural, drug-free sleep aid that was developed by a restorative yoga teacher in Austin, Texas. This product was created at the intersection of her yoga teachings and her own personal habit. You see, she has slept with a pillow over her head since she was a little girl, before she even understood the reason behind the supreme comfort provided.


After seeing tired students in her classes for years, the importance of rest and relaxation became obvious. The aha moment came when witnessing exhausted people easily drift off when their bodies were gently weighted with yoga blankets and other propping, resting in a dark, quiet environment that a Yoga Studio provides. These techniques have proven to be very powerful in signaling the systems of the body to relax. Most know the comfort of resting under a heavy blanket, but there were no products on the market that offered this same benefit for the head. Sleep is when the body repairs and restores itself.


With the placement of a super-soft Sleep Crown over your head, feel secure, like you're having your brain hugged undisturbed by your environment.  Perfect weight that contours around your head and smart design leaves plenty of room for your nose and mouth. Breathe easily and unobstructed.


Reduce insomnia and restlessness with Sleep Crown, but it isn't only for sleep challenges. Our desire at Sleep Crown is to improve the amount and the quality of your sleep. We aren't able to control all of the things that keep us from sleeping, but with Sleep Crown, you can secure your sleep environment. This pillow is fully customizable. You can easily add or remove fill from the inside of your Sleep Crown, adjusting your pillow to the exact weight you desire. Sleep peacefully and self-heal.

Ways to Sleep Better
Yoga Instructor

 "So much love and attention has been poured into developing this perfect pillow for cradling your beautiful brain."

Julie Westervelt,

Founder of Sleep Crown

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