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Regal Eyes - A Relaxation Eye Pillow

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A mini-vacay for the eyes. In stillness we create energy. If you ever experience eye tension, headaches, anxious feelings or stress… a 5-minute rest with Regal Eyes is a sweet respite. A perfect tool to help you prepare for sleep, meditation, savasana, relaxation, grounding, calm. This comfortable eye pillow *is strapless* and works with gravity to create a calm feeling of groundedness. Made of our luscious bamboo fabric and filled with flax seeds. Pick your preference - unscented or scented with lavender. A perfect pairing for soundbath, binaural beats or calming frequencies. You deserve a lil deep, self-nurturing.

Sorry, no returns available on this item.

  • Easily remove Outer Jacket for laundering.
  • Please be sure not to wash the Inner Jacket of your Regal Eyes which contains flax seeds. To avoid the sprouting of the flax seeds within, keep away from water or moisture. Please store in a dry environment.
  • 5 oz.
  • 9” X 3.5”
  • Free US Shipping
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Ways to Sleep Better
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