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Regal Eyes - A Relaxation Eye Pillow

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A mini-vacay for the eyes. In stillness we create energy. If you ever experience eye tension, headaches, anxious feelings or stress… a 5-minute rest with Regal Eyes is a sweet respite. A perfect tool to help you prepare for sleep, meditation, savasana, relaxation, grounding, calm. This comfortable eye pillow is strapless and works with gravity to create a calm feeling of groundedness. Made of our luscious bamboo fabric and filled with flax seeds. Pick your preference - unscented or scented with lavender. A perfect pairing for soundbath, binaural beats or calming frequencies. You deserve a lil deep, self-nurturing.

  • Easily remove Outer Jacket for laundering.
  • 5 oz.
  • 9” X 3.5”
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Ways to Sleep Better
Ways to Sleep Better
Ways to Sleep Better
Ways to Sleep Better
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