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Vio2 Mouth Tapes

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Are you mouth tape curious? Maybe you have heard about this practice by now. Whether you’ve stumbled upon it in the book Breath by James Nestor, from your yoga teacher or biohacking friends, possibly from your dentist, or maybe you saw the Customer Tik Tok describing her habit of ’sleeping like a hostage’ (if you haven’t seen it - google Hannah Chody Hostage Sleeping)… Mouth Tape is another wonderful tool in the sleep essentials toolkit.

I went on a deep dive and tried many, many brands and strategies. Vio2 is hands-down my favorite Mouth Tape. And guess what? Vio2 is a fellow Austin female-founded Brand. I was over the moon to discover this and quickly connected with Vio2’s Founder Lindsey Ip. I find Mouth Tape to be quite useful in encouraging nasal breathing and minimizing snoring. And with my background in yoga… I’m all about encouraging a good, healthy nasal breath. Let’s take one together now. Breathe in deeply through the nose, hold it at the top… and exhale slowly through the nose.

Vio2 mouth tape was developed by a dentist in Austin, Texas. They created a small, safe and easy to help gently promote nasal breathing, day or night. Whether you are looking to better your sleep, encourage nasal breathing while exercising, bolster immunity or improve oral health, the vital interchange of oxygen is key.

Mouth taping benefits:
-deeper, more restorative sleep
-more energy upon waking
-helps fight bad breath and tooth decay
-promotes rhythmic breathing that calms the brain and can help with anxiety and insomnia
-supports the immune system

You can choose which direction to place the tape over your mouth - like an H or an I - whichever is more comfortable for you. When paired with a Sleep Crown - it's a one-way ticket to dreamland. Just be sure that you say everything that needs to be said before you tape up for the night. Take it from me - if you have been curious to try… Vio2 Mouth Tapes are the best option available. I am very excited to partner with them. As always, please consult with your medical doctor when considering options for your health. There may be contra-indications for mouth taping (deviated septum, other nasal conditions). Be safe and check first with your trusted medical professional.

Price: 48 tapes for $26 (including shipping)

Sorry, no returns available on this item.

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