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Head Cover Pillow
Falling Asleep Easily
Sleep Crown

An over-the-head pillow

Sleep Crown

Sleep Crown is an over-the-head pillow developed by a yoga teacher. She knows a way to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with a secure, tucked-in feeling. This special pillow she designed provides three benefits:

  • gives gentle pressure to the scalp and crown of the head

  • blocks out natural and artificial light 

  • muffles ambient sound 

Natural Ways to Sleep

Why Sleep is so important

If you fall asleep easily, Sleep Crown can work to get you to the REM cycle of your sleep sooner and hold you there longer. This is very beneficial because this is the most productive and restorative stage of sleep. If you have sleep troubles, Sleep Crown is a natural sleep remedy that could help you fall asleep more quickly and keep you asleep longer. 

For those who already sleep with a pillow over their head, you understand the relaxing, comforting, cozy feeling of being all tucked in and protected. The trouble is, it is next to impossible to find the perfect pillow that will contour and tuck around all of the curves of your head, a pillow that is just the right weight, that is perfectly flexible, that will insulate you from your environment. Until now...A Sleep Crown pillow was designed for this sole purpose.


And for you who have yet to try the luscious over-the-head-pillow sleeping experience, you don't yet know what you're missing! You simply must try it to comprehend the supreme relaxation and comfort provided by a Sleep Crown.

Fall Asleep Faster
Sleep Better

"What a find!!! I LOVE the Sleep Crown! I've been using an eye mask for years, dealing with the uncomfortable strap sliding up and down my head - SO frustrating! I fell in love with the Sleep Crown after the first night! It's light weight, soft and gives me that cozy snuggly feeling all night long! I highly recommend it!"

Gwen Hurst

Sweet Dreams

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