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From Sleep Crown Users...

Jonathan L., Los Angeles

"Hi. I just woke up from a nap with my new Sleep Crown and I absolutely f'ing love it. I really think it’s amazing and put me down fast. I honestly think you have a pretty amazing product on your hands here and I know I will be using it moving forward. Getting to sleep is a bit of an issue for me and I am often frustrated by this as I know I’m tired but struggle at settling down into that state. Whatever just happened was not that experience. I fell asleep quickly and also the time prior to sleep with it around my face I found to be soothing and relaxing. Anyways I love it. Thank you I need more of them. Why does it smell so good?"

Kate R., San Francisco

"I've been meaning to email you to let you know that I am obsessed with my sleep crown! It's 10x better in person. The first night I used it, I did not even wake up when my 6 year old crawled into bed with us, which is a first.  It also drowns out noise (aka husband's snoring).  Anyway, I'm a big fan and I just wanted to let you know:)  I LOVE IT!"

Lj M., Orange County

"My friend turned me onto Sleep Crown because I travel internationally for work. I don't do a trip without it. For me, it is an incredible sleep aid. Instead of constantly adjusting the hotel rooms (dimming lights, adjusting curtains, white noise), this pillow settles my surroundings for me. Now it doesn’t matter what time the sun rises, my Sleep Crown darkens the room for me.”

Caleb D., Austin (14 years old)

“When I used the Sleep Crown pillow, it made me feel really sleepy because it was so dark and there was pressure on my head. It usually takes me 25-30 minutes to fall asleep, so the Sleep Crown helped that a lot.”

Michelle H., Austin

“I have never used an over-the-head pillow before. I wasn’t even sure what to make of it. But because I tend to wake up many times each night, I decided to give it a try. When I used the Sleep Crown pillow those extra awakenings were mostly alleviated and even if I did wake up, I just settled it back on my head and I feel back asleep immediately.  The weighted feeling I experienced made me feel insulated and secure. I may just be a convert!”

Charlotte L., Austin

"This pillow is IDEAL. It fits over my head without being too long or too heavy. The way it is shaped is perfect for breathing. 

Deja B., Austin

“It’s as important for me to have the right over-the-head pillow as it is to have the right under-the-head pillow for me to sleep well. This Sleep Crown pillow is the perfect size and weight.”

Gwen H., Austin

"What a find!!! I LOVE the Sleep Crown! I've been using an eye mask for years, dealing with the uncomfortable strap sliding up and down my head - SO frustrating! I fell in love with the Sleep Crown after the first night! It's light weight, soft and gives me that cozy snuggly feeling all night long! I highly recommend it!"

Katharina G., Dallas

"I am sensitive to sound and I need for it to be quiet when I am sleeping. I like Sleep Crown because I am able to shape this pillow around my head and ears. It really makes it quieter. Also, there is an open space for my nose so I can breathe. I can mold this pillow around my head in a way that is an ideal position for sleep, making it darker and quieter. Sleep Crown works.”

Andrea A., Los Angeles

“I was having trouble sleeping and this was my life saver. It has the perfect amount of weight so it just kind of soothes your head and blocks out light. It also kind of muffles out the sounds so it just soothes your entire nervous system. And I literally sleep like a baby. The Sleep Crown pillow will absolutely help you sleep better. Period."

Dave A., Canada

“You know that sleep quality matters to me. And it has for a very long time. There is a product that I do use for my sleep that I don’t make. Its called the Sleep Crown and its an over-the-head pillow. This is kind of the softer side of biohacking. You wouldn’t believe how soft it is. You literally put it over your ears and over your eyes. The minor pressure over your head affects how you sleep."

Ali L., Los Angeles 

“Now it is definitely a part of my sleep routine. I sleep with it every single night. I just lay down and use this over my eyes. It covers my ears. It muffles all the sounds. It blocks all the light. It just soothes me and puts me in such a relaxing place. It has been such a great addition to my nighttime routine. I absolutely love this product and I’m so grateful that I found it."

Sophia B., Los Angeles

“My best friends know that I sleep with a pillow over my face like almost every night. This ingenious soft little pillow is designed so that your face can stick out but your eyes can be covered. It really is a delightful little thing."

Elizabeth K. and Stephanie S. of That’s So Retrograde, Los Angeles

“This light as a feather face pillow is the most gentle and soothing hug for the head/soul that we never knew we needed and we are here to say it is a rose for sure.”

Casey V., Los Angeles

"It instantly gives you calmness. Takes away the eyesight. I instantly bought a second one because I wanted one on the side. If you’re ready to up your sleep game to a whole different level you should consider this."

Molly A., Los Angeles

"Taking the best naps of my life now thanks to Sleep Crown. Seriously this pillow is the answer to all of your sleeping problems."

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