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How to get the most out of your Sleep Crown: 

Sleep Crown Laundry Instructions

Here are laundry instructions for your Crown:

It is not advisable to wash the Inner Jacket which contains the Fill. The Fill is very delicate and doesn’t like to get wet.

1. Remove the Pillow Case 
2. locate the invisible zipper across the top of the next layer inward. 

3. Unzip and shimmy off the Outer Jacket. 

4. Wash the Pillow Case and the Outer Jacket.

5. Dry on delicate or hang to dry.
6. When replacing the cases, be sure to match up the curve along the bottom of the pillow so that it all aligns nicely. 

How to Add or Remove Fill from your Sleep Crown

Adjusting the weight of your Sleep Crown can help customize it perfectly to your needs, and here's a quick tip on how:

1. Remove Pillow Case.
2. Locate zipper across the top of the Sleep Crown.
3. Open (2) zipper enclosures.
4. Add or remove desired amount of Fill and save in a resealable bag.
5. Clear zipper track of Fill and zip up your Crown.
6. Replace Pillow Case.

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