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Sleep Crown now available at Tiny Taiga in Austin, Texas.

UPDATE: Blake has decided to official close Tiny Taiga as a store, but she will continue to advocate for great sleep and support Sleep Crown with her private energy readings and wellness clients. You can now book your private session with Blake by going to or emailing Blake directly at

Blake Shanley is the Owner and Shoppekeeper at Tiny Taiga on East 11th. When you step into her Shoppe, you feel as though you’ve slipped through a magic portal to a special enchanted forest land filled with curated curiosities… healthful snacks, treats, chocolate, tinctures, soaps, candles, oils, herbs, crystals, art and now Sleep Crowns! Everything in Blake’s Tiny Taiga world is purposeful, useful and special. She interacts with all of her offerings so nothing is there by chance. We couldn’t dream of a more perfect place for Sleep Crown.

Blake is an artist in a multitude of ways. She is a curator, a lover of flowers, an energy worker, a painter, she’s stylish and she has the sweetest way with words. See for yourself…

“I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Shoppe Owner and Keeper I am an Energy and Holistic Health Consultant and Coach I am Real Estate Broker and Brokerage Owner I am a Barefoot Nature Walker I am a Yogi, Singer, Dancer, Musician Poet, Writer and Painter I am a Home Chef Community Creator and Connector And avid Balcony Gardener I am a Philosopher, Magician Scientist and Researcher I am a Woman, a Lover, a Giver, a Receiver I am a Mountain and a Pebble An Ocean and a Raindrop I AM a million amazing, life breathing Soul feeding, heart fueled things And everything in between 🌲 And I will never ask permission Nor offer excess explanation Or apology for any of them Nor doubt my right or ability To be anything else I am called To Be Or feel pressured or obligated to be anything I am Not Called To Be 🌲 Tell me, Brilliant Friends, Who and What and Why Are YOU? 🌲”


So glad to know you Blake. Thank you for letting Sleep Crown be a part of the magic that you’ve created.

Sweet Dreams!


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