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Restorative Yoga as part of Pre-Sleep Ritual

If you were lucky, you had parents that created a peaceful bedtime ritual for you when you were little. Many techniques were employed including dim light, warm bath, last drink, last trip to the bathroom, a bedtime story, a prayer or contemplative moment and a tuck in. How lovely! Why don’t we treat ourselves to this as adults?

The technology that we interact with is very stimulating to the systems of our bodies. The bright light transmitted through LED lights, TV, phones and screens suppresses our bodies natural ability to produce melatonin. When we go straight from screen to bed, it is not surprising that we may struggle to drift off to sleep.

I suggest creating a special bedtime ritual for yourself. What are your favorite ways to relax before bed? How do you signal your systems that it is time to disconnect and wind down? This shouldn't feel like a chore, but instead something that you happily anticipate. Make it convenient by storing all of your goodies on your bedside table. A bath, a candle, dim the lighting, grounding yoga poses - whatever your preference. Even a 10 minute routine could make a world of difference. Head on over to to check out more of my Healthy Sleep Habits.

Please enjoy this Restorative Yoga pre-bedtime sequence. There are no rules here. You can linger in any of the positions that feel good. This could be a sweet 10 minute transition from busy day to sleepy time.

And as always, Sweet Dreams!


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