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Hug Machine

The genesis of weighted sleep therapy and compressive products can be traced to Temple Grandin’s ‘hug machine’. Temple Grandin is an American Professor and Autism Spokesperson. She watched stressed-out cattle on a ranch queue up for inoculations; then witnessed a sense of calm come over the cattle when they stepped into a deeply compressive chute. From this experience, Temple developed a human hug machine. The device proved to be incredibly helpful for many with autism and those on the spectrum. She is truly the pioneer of this stress-relieving modality.

While this therapy has served this particular community for quite some time, the truth is that all human bodies benefit from deep pressure stimulation. This is why babies like to be swaddled, a massage feels so good, a weighted blanket soothes and the x-ray vest feel so comforting at the dentist’s office. We crave compression.

It is for this very reason that Sleep Crown feels so lovely. The scalp and crown of the head like to be held as well. It is very relaxing to the whole body to nestle the top of the head under gentle pressure. Each person has a different tolerance for how much weight feels right. For this reason, we make the weight of Sleep Crowns fully customizable. Just the opening of the zipper and you can add or subtract the Vegan Down Fill, pop in some amethyst, a love letter or sachet - whatever you like. Your sweet head will feel gently hugged as you drift right off to sleep.

As always…Sweet Dreams!


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