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My Top 3 Favorite Under-the-Head Pillows

I feel that I’m a pillow connoisseur. As a pillow maker, I have an unique understanding of what makes an exceptional pillow. I’m always, always on the lookout for the best. Constantly requesting recommendations, test driving, demoing, ordering pillows. I am often asked what type of pillow I recommend to my customers to put UNDER their heads?

It truly comes down to personal preference. There are so many amazing brands and products. It depends on your sleeping position and the amount of support you desire. Here are three very unique pillows at low, medium and luxury price points that I highly recommend. I have personally vetted these products and find them not only to be useful and helpful, but great quality as well. All of these products pair well with Sleep Crown.

The Pancake Pillow - The Pancake Pillow is a unique concept… an outer jacket encases 6 thin slices of pillows. You are able to customize the exact height of pillow that you desire. You can even order an extra outer jacket and make two pillows out of the original 6 slices. I did this and made two pillows with three slices each… one for me and one for my daughter.

I discovered the Pancake Pillow through Jenny Sugar of Popsugar Fitness. Jenny has been an amazing advocate of Sleep Crown. She has written several raving product reviews and I am so grateful for her. As it turns out, she and I sleep exactly the same way… on our sides with a full-body pillow to hug and squeeze between the knees. One pillow under-the-head and a Sleep Crown Classic as the cherry on top. Like me, Jenny is a pillow lover so I excitedly tried her fave under-the-head pillow.

The Pancake Pillow feels wonderfully abundant as the surface area of this pillow is very large and expansive. My daughter and I like to snuggle under our Sleep Crown Classics while sleeping on our Pancake Pillows.

Affordable Price Point -

The Neck Nest - A therapeutic pillow for back-sleepers or those who are back-sleepers-in-training. The Neck Nest is designed by Dr. Peter Martone, a chiropractor who specializes in sleep. I was introduced to Dr. Martone through the Ben Greenfield Podcast. My background is in yoga and listening to the episode completely lit me up! Dr. Martone came to the same conclusions as I did through my yoga studies and student observations. Between poor posture and constantly looking down at our phones and screens, our cervical spines are in agony. Dr. Martone invented a pillow that allows you to sleep on your back placing the spine in a neutral position - that actually repairs the natural curvature of the cervical spine. Genius! I’ve been working on training myself to use mine a little longer each night. Even laying on it for small increments makes a difference.

Also in the interview with Ben, Dr. Martone detailed his idea of a pillow topper that would block out light and sound that he referred to as ‘the sleep garage’. He was excited to learn that I already developed exactly what he detailed. The Sleep Crown Traveler pairs well with the Neck Nest.

Middle of the Road Price Point -

The Pillow Bar - There is another Texas-based, Female-Founded Pillow Company. Merrimac Dillon launched her line of custom luxury pillows more than a decade ago. Merrimac was incredibly kind to take my nervous calls and share her experience when I was in the process of launching Sleep Crown. I’ll never forget her enthusiastic encouragement and it meant so much to me. My favorite Pillow Bar style is the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper. It is made in Texas, custom to your measurements to perfectly support your neck and shoulders. This pillow makes me feel perfectly supported in absolute bliss. It is the most impeccable pillow. Absolutely love it. It is an investment, but will last for a very long time. And a great night of sleep is priceless!

Either style of Sleep Crown - the Classic or the Traveler works well with the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Pillow.

Luxury Price Point -

Julie Westervelt


Sleep Crown

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