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Why should I be concerned about Electro Magnetic Field Exposure?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Since launching Sleep Crown and working with the Biohacking Community, I have wanted to develop an EMF-shielding Pillow Case. It only makes sense to protect your brain while sleeping. It is with great excitement that I am partnering with Andreas Breitfeld and KTC Unlimited to see this dream through. I will have a limited number of EMF-shielding Sleep Crown Pillow Cases available at the Upgrade Labs Conference on July 22, 2020. Andreas Breitfeld is so kind to guest-blog for Sleep Crown on the importance of shielding yourself from exposure.

Why should I be concerned about ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD EXPOSURE?

by Andreas Breitfeld of KTC Unlimited


Over the last 25 years, our environment has changed drastically. With the introduction of WiFi, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, smart meters, and cell towers we can access the world of information faster than ever before. While these technological advances give us a highly nimble lifestyle, more flexible work options, and a bunch of new entertainment, the bad news is that the negative effects of this invisible sea of microwave radiation continues to rise and damage us on a cellular level. The more that we blindly expose ourselves to the wide array of non-native electromagnetic fields without protection, the more we harm our bodies.

While the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences defines non-native EMFs as “invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power”, it should be noted that there are also some native EMFs that come from energy sources like the sun – and native EMFs from natural source work to help our bodies. We are still growing our technology at a rate faster than we can set up scientific studies to measure the full effects over time. The rollouts of new technological power, like the controversial 5G network, are being scrutinized. More and more European countries are re-evaluating and slowing the roll out of 5G, but it still seems inevitable that our bodies will be forced to handle this non-native EMF exposure.

Why protect yourself from the potentially harmful effects?

Following the findings of Professor Martin L Pall from Washington State University, the effects of the non-native—emf on our voltage gated calcium channels are the most worrisome negative statistics we have currently seen. Every time we expose our bodies to emfs, the channels open up and release a decent amount of calcium into the cells. With the higher amounts of frequencies now in our environment, both the total amount that is released and the frequency of opening and closing is increased, until we come to a point with 5G the voltage gated calcium channels remain just open during exposure. Flooding the cells constantly with calcium is not healthy, since excess calcification has zero benefit to any body part. In addition, the non-native EMFs literally heat up our bodies, with a focus on the high water content body parts – like our brain, inner organs and eyes.

How can you protect yourself?

Since we all are dependent in some way on using devices to connect with our jobs, friends, families and the world, opting out is not viable. However, there are some guidelines that seem to help mitigate the effects. We can focus on not having a connected smartphone device or Bluetooth enabled headphone next to your brain for a long period of time, shutting down all router connections or disable connecting functions like wifi, for long periods when not using, localization services, and of course, reducing cellular phone use. In addition, using a meter to measure EMF ranges in your sleeping area could be an important step to setting up a bedroom sanctuary free from EMF.

We cannot be in full control of our environment outside of our homes. With this knowledge and years of meticulous designing and testing, Breitfeld Biohacking has successfully developed a range of emf shielding wearable gear, that helps you reduce emf exposure to your body. All our materials are certified with the German Military Universities department of radiation protection and are especially made to protect the areas covered from harmful EMFs.

The current offerings includes a emf-shielding cap (in the US exclusively distributed through Upgrade Labs) for daily usage, an emf-shielding and (optionally grounding) sleeping bag (in the US available through Samina USA and Upgrade Labs) and EMF-shielding Pillow Case (exclusively designed for the Sleep Crown Over-the-Head Pillow)

Mitigate the harmful effects of EMF Radiation, as the potential ramifications of unchecked exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation are immense.


  • Non-native electromagnectic fields are dangerous to our bodies, bones, organs, the brain and all of our cells are being compromised with daily exposure.

  • How you can mitigate some of the damage:

  • WiFi and Router ‘kill switches’ for your home, or even hard wiring internet

  • Setting your bedroom up as an EMF free zone so you can get 7-9 hours of rest time daily in this environment

  • EMF-protective clothing and sleep gear is scientifically proven to shield body parts covered from emf exposure

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