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Ain’t no party like a Dave Asprey party.

How it started, how its going…

I launched Sleep Crown at Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Conference 5 years ago. I love my Biohackers so! After 3 years of being grounded from Conferences, I was feeling anxious and excited to return to this Event. Will I remember how to talk to people? Will anyone want to hop in my little portable bed for a Sleep Crown tuck-in? The answers were yes and yes.

Once again, the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference in Beverly Hills was a total blast. What is biohacking you ask? Any secrets, tools, tricks, shortcuts to better nutrition, sleep, exercise, brain function, health systems - any way to ‘hack’ your biology for a better, more vibrant, long, healthy life. Biohacks can range in price from absolutely free to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Leave it to Dave Asprey to gather all of the Sleep Superheroes under one roof. I was elated to meet my Sleep Friends from Zooms and Instagram IRL. There were too many to name, but here are a few...

  • Dave Asprey @dave.asprey Father of Biohacking, Supporter of Sleep

  • Elizabeth Grojean @balooliving Baloo Weighted Blankets and Sheets, N.O.W. portable sound bath speakers

  • Dr. Peter Martone Founder of Neck Nest Pillows - reset your cervical spine while you sleep. Neck Nest + Sleep Crown Traveler = L O V E

  • Dr. Micheal Breus @thesleepdoctor, Chronotype Expert, Author of The Power of When

  • Tara Youngblood @the_sleep_geek CEO of Chilisleep, get your temp right for better sleep

  • Kristin Weitzel @warriorwomanmode Breathwork + Cold Plunge Expert

  • Mollie McGlocklin Eastman @mollie.eastman Founder of Sleep is a Skill

  • Anajita @apotheka5 Ampcoil + Energy Artistry, Holistic Health

  • Dr. Jay Khorsandi @sleepbiohacker, Sleep Optimization Coach, Snoring/Sleep Apnea Expert

  • Nathalie Niddam @nathalieniddam Longevity Biohacker

  • Max Lugavere @maxlugavere Author of Genius Foods

  • Matt Smith @paleovalley, @wildpasturesofficial - Grass Fed / Grass Finished Meats delivered to your door.

And so many incredible sleep/health tech companies… Neufit, Ballancer Pro, Apollo Neuro, Brain Tap, Ampcoil

If you are having trouble sleeping - all of these people and companies are worth a follow. See what resonates with you… which aspect of sleep is your challenge? There are answers and solutions for you here.

This Conference is a literal playground of the most cutting edge health and wellness, anti-aging devices, systems, advice, help. If you’ve ever considered attending, I encourage you to do so. You can see, touch, experience all the gear, meet the Founders, connect with other health nuts. Its indescribably rad.

The attendees of this Conference are a kind, curious, open-hearted group. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such a kind group of people - you can really feel it. There is too much to digest in one Conference which is why it's fun to go year after year. And of course, I’m so lucky and thankful to have my Chief Tucker-inner by my side… Malia Rae @maliarae. I’m thankful for another amazing Event. See you in Orlando 2023.

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