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Meet Lisa Dever - the wind beneath Sleep Crown’s wings

Lisa Dever is Sleep Crown’s Designer, Master Seamstress and all-around problem-solver. I am beyond lucky to have this woman in my life and by my side. She is the wind beneath Sleep Crown’s wings. 

It is still possible to produce a product that is made and sourced in the US. I believe that closer is better. I believe in supporting the women in my own neck of the woods. I believe in treating partners beyond ethically. Call me corny, but I believe in ‘Made in the US’. It has been a dream come true to take an idea from my head and turn it into a thriving business. I could not do it alone. I’m excited to highlight one of the women that helped bring this idea into reality. Meet Lisa Dever.

Lisa and I initially met while she was the Production Manager at Sleep Crown's original design and production facility in Austin. Her work is flawless. The way she understands materials and how to work with them is beyond words. She’s like the Fabric Whisperer. When I’m trying to figure out a challenge, all I need to do is mention it to Lisa. She always solves the trickiest design challenges.

We are so lucky to have her on our team. In an extraordinary stroke of luck, Lisa decided to build out her new in-home sewing studio in January of 2020. Just before Covid-19 hit hard and closed most businesses. She was able to keep sewing right along without any disruption to our businesses. Lisa designed and sewed all of our popular Face Masks right when Face Masks became mandatory accessories. And thanks to Lisa, in the midst of a pandemic… I was able to add a new product to our sleep offerings; the Noble Body Pillow. Lisa lovingly makes all of Sleep Crown's products - from pillows to PJ’s. I am thankful for her everyday.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Hickman, Kentucky. (A very small town in southwest Kentucky) When did you move to Texas? I moved to Texas in May 2018. How did you learn how to sew? My mother worked at a sewing factory. She also did a lot of sewing at home, making clothes for my sister and me. As a very small little girl I sat behind her machine watching and "helping" her for hours. When I was a little older she taught me how to sew. What was your initial interest in becoming a Seamstress? Initially my interest was in art. My first job was in a sewing factory but I did art for screen printing on garments. The contract ended and a seamstress job opened up. That was the beginning. Since then I have learned that designing and sewing is its own kind of art. How does it feel to run your own production business? It has been a great experience so far. I have been blessed to work with an amazing group of people with different and interesting projects.  Since your Studio is now in your home, how do you create a separation between work time and home time? At the beginning that was a struggle. I let my projects spread into my living space and sometimes found myself working on things on the weekends just because it was there. It took a little time to make myself leave things unfinished and set a schedule and stick to it. As crazy as it sounds I still find myself often sewing on my personal projects on the weekend. Do you listen to music or podcasts while you work? Yes, I listen to music or a podcast or watch Netflix on my laptop while I sew. Some days I just enjoy the quiet. What is your favorite Sleep Crown product to make? My favorite is the Classic Pillow. I get in a rhythm and time flies. I also enjoy filling the Classic Pillows. I used to think it was funny that Julie could pick up a classic pillow and know if the weight was just right. Now I get it. Why is Sleep Crown's Bamboo Fabric so tricky to work with? The bamboo fabric is so soft and stretchy it took a little practice to spread and sew the fabric. It requires a light touch. Now it feels like I'm one with the fabric. Which Sleep Crown products do you personally have/use?  The Sleep Crown Classic is my favorite. It is the perfect size for cuddling. I probably use it as much for cuddling as I do over my head. Maybe I need two! I don't have a body pillow of my own but my fiance has one and I sometimes take it over after he leaves for work for the best sleep before its time to get up.  

How many Classics can you make in 1 month? If I had a month just to devote to Classic Pillows I could make 400 in a month. How many pounds of Pillow Fill go through your Studio in 1 month? In the past month I have used 345 pounds of Fill. Lisa is correct… she is an artist. The artistry she creates is evident in each and every Sleep Crown offering. Thank you for making my Sleep Crown dreams come true. Sweet dreams. Always!


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