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It is my absolute honor and delight to contribute a piece about sleep for Emily Schromm’s gorgeous Empress Magazine. Throughout my Sleep Crown journey, I have received the highest gift to meet and collaborate with so many sparkly women. Brilliant, uplifting, strong, engaging, generous and thoughtful women. And none is more so than Emily Schromm. I am forever inspired by the EMpire that she has created. A wellspring of ideas that are uniquely her own, Emily launched a EMpack, a fitness product company, Platform Strength, a brick and mortar gym, Herbal Element tea line, EMpirica, a nutritional supplement line and offers numerous digital fitness and nutrition programs. She has a not-to-miss show on IGTV called ‘Unnamed Cooking Show' and oh yeah wrote a book - all within the last couple of years. Her latest offering is EMpress - a stunning digital magazine that is the perfect curation of her wealth of knowledge and inspiration. 

Emily is a creator. A spark of the divine who allows you to feel like more of yourself just by being in her presence or interacting with one of her offerings. She teaches. She encourages. She helps. She lifts.

I am deeply humbled to get the chance to stand alongside a woman of her caliber. Thank you Emily.

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