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Sleep Crown among the 20 very best bed pillows

Being included in the Strategist’s roundup of very best pillows feels surreal. Very best? Yay! It’s a pinch me moment to see my little pillow baby included in this curation with the big boy brands. Seriously.

I happen to think that Sleep Crown is the perfect sleep accessory for a big city and I’m delighted that New York Magazine concurs. Sleep Crown handles the lights and the beeps and the things that go bump in the night all while making you feel cozy and snuggled in.

I’m incredibly grateful to both Whitney Cummings and Emma Roberts for bringing Sleep Crown to The Strategist’s attention. They each included their Crowns on their ’Things I Can’t Live Without’ feature. Their support has been so personally meaningful. They always take the opportunity to share about their pillow love. So kind.

And of course I am thankful for each and every one of my sweet Customers. Look what we have built and created together? Its wild! Thank you for your lovely support of my business, for telling your friends about Sleep Crown, for sending me the sweetest pictures of your sleeping babies, for sharing intimate details of your life with me. I love you all.

In gratitude,


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