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Sleep Crown is Featured in Yoga Journal

My background is in yoga. I taught a class called “Stand In Your Strength” to athletes for the last 10 years. And about 5 years ago, I took a deep dive into Restorative Yoga. I discovered that more than anything, athletes benefited from deep rest. Anyone with a stressful life, a fast-paced life, a city life was at risk for adrenal fatigue. I observed how well my students and clients responded to intentional stillness, a pause. From this Offering, this style of yoga, Sleep Crown was born. Yoga has benefitted me personally in so many ways. It has been my social outlet, my exercise, my livelihood, my chiropractor and my therapist. I have thrived while studying, practicing and teaching various styles of yoga. As a yoga teacher, it was always my secret dream to some day appear in Yoga Journal. I always looked to Yoga Journal from the beginning of my yoga journey. I used it as a reference for Sanskrit, a resource for asana, inspiration and guidance. I have discovered many talented teachers by reading this old-school, high-vibe publication.

It came as a huge surprise and delight that I received an email from the Yoga Journal Photo Editor a few months ago. My heart raced as I learned that Sleep Crown would be featured in Yoga Journal. One of my dear Sleep Crown Customers, Cassie Scerbo is a yoga enthusiast as well. She is an Actress, an Activist, a Yogini, a beautiful person and a cozy Sleep Crown snuggler. Yoga Journal chronicled Cassie’s tools for relaxation. And she selected Sleep Crown as one of her favorite things.

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It made me smile so big. Confirmation of the notion - simply dream the dream. Don’t try to figure out how it will come true. It feels personally satisfying and validating that my little pillow dream is what landed me in Yoga Journal.  I hope that Sleep Crown is one of your favorite tools for relaxation too. Your go-to for calming down and centering. Your snuggle buddy. Your Lovie. If Sleep Crown is any of these things for you, I sure would appreciate you mentioning it to a friend. You have no idea the power of your suggestion. My business has thrived on word-of-mouth referrals. I appreciate every single one of them. During these times of uncertainty, I truly appreciate your support of my small business.  Thank you so much! Sweet Dreams! Julie

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