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Studio 512 on KXAN in Austin, TX featured Sleep Crown Founder Julie Westervelt and her Sleep Crown

I’ve lived in Austin for the last 30 years. Hard to believe it has been so long. I’ve witnessed the city transform from a pretty sleepy small town to a grown-up city. Throughout my time here, I’ve always turned to KXAN for weather and local updates. It was a thrill to be on their lifestyle TV show Studio 512 to feature my little pillow dream biz. Initially, I was a little nervous to be in front of the cameras in the newsroom studio, but Host Rosie Newberry made me feel right at home.

Rosie actually had the opportunity to sleep with her Sleep Crown for a month prior to me being on the show, so she was familiar with and obsessed with her Sleep Crown Classic. Since Summer travel is approaching, it was fun to feature the Traveler style. I was able to share some tips for great sleep while traveling.

I used my tools for relaxation by pausing and breathing. I really tried to be as present as possible, be myself and answer Rosie’s questions. Before I knew it, it was a wrap. It has been really fun seeing the segments air on TV. I’ve heard from so many friends and yoga students in Austin who caught the segment airing on TV. It was a really fun experience and I’m happy that I didn’t let my anxious feelings prevent me from doing it.

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