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SuChin Pak + Sleep Crown

SuChin Pak is one of the many inspiring ladies in my life. She got those mirror neurons fired up back in the early 00’s during her days on MTV. I was inspired to see her there on the screen on MTV News, MTV Cribs, True Life and more - a pop culture journalist icon legend. Fast forward a couple of decades and now I’m enjoying her podcast Add To Cart that she co-creates with comedian and all-around good person Kulap Vilaysack. Such a fun offering about what people buy and buy into and what it says about them as a person. They love Sleep Crown too and we are cycling through a fun little love loop.

Recently, SuChin featured Sleep Crown on her ‘My List’ of essential items on ‘The Love List’ by Jess Graves. I nearly bounced off my exercise ball in excitement. I’m so happy that SuChin has laced out her Crib with a Crown. I am thankful to be embraced and highlighted by such exceptional women. Is this True Life? :)

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