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Cause No Harm

In yoga, AHIMSA is the practice of non-violence. It is one of the five YAMAS which are basicallybest practicesfor how to be an upstanding member of a community (i.e. don’t be a jerk!). This concept can apply to people, material things and even our own inner dialogue. I have enjoyed this concept in the study and practice of yoga. As I sequence physical practices, I wonder the best ways to unlock and uplift my students. When observing my thoughts in a meditative seat, I question is this thought process helpful or destructive? To incorporate the concept of ahimsa into daily life has been a meaningful practice.

When I set forth to build my company Sleep Crown from its foundation, I’ve been mindful to infuse this non-harming practice into every aspect of my venture. What is the opposite of harming? Nurturing. It is of vital importance that not a single person or animal be harmed in the making of my product. I am elated to announce that Sleep Crown is officially recognized as a PETA-Approved Vegan Product. This acknowledgment is particularly meaningful because the only reason Sleep Crown exists is to comfort, to soothe and to nurture.

  • Animal-free and bird-friendly.

  • Non-harming.

  • Nurturing.

  • Of the highest quality.

  • Loving.

  • Pillows.

That’s Sleep Crown.

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